Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Dessert

Holy delicious. What I've decided lately is that there are too many recipes that try too hard. With too many different ingredients trying to be the best recipe blog {for example-Chocolate Orange Basil Brownies...really?}. So I love getting back to the basics of mint and chocolate. Plus anything with whipped topping on it is amazing.
DSC 3817
Photo Credit to Hungry Runner Girl
Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Dessert
1 row of chocolate sandwich cookies, crushed fine
2 tablespoons of butter
Hot fudge
1 carton of mint ice cream {I like mint chocolate cookie the best}
8 ounce whipped topping
extra chocolate sandwich cookies, crushed

Mix the chocolate sandwich cookies with butter. Press them into a 9x9 {or 8x8}. Put a layer of fudge on top. Soften ice cream, then spread the ice cream across the fudge. Freeze for a few hours at least. Spread whipped topping, then add crushed chocolate sandwich cookies and fudge.

Recipe Source: Janae at Hungry Runner Girl

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